Bitcoin and Beyond - a presentation

Recently, I was invited to be a speaker for the 2015 Annual Gathering of Mensa Canada. Instead of doing the usual "What is Bitcoin" talk and walking people through the basics of how Bitcoin work from a technical standpoint, I decided to do things a bit differently. Instead, I decided to briefly talk about a lot of diverse topics and projects surrounding Bitcoin to hopefully spark some interests and inspire people to research further.

Here is my presentation - Bitcoin and Beyond

It was aimed to be a 40 minute presentation with 20+ minutes to spare for questions and conversation. Some of the projects covered I'm personally not a fan on (I'm looking at you in particular, BTCJam), some are mainly place holders for more general ideas (like ProTip), but I think overall I managed to cover a wide variety of interesting topics.

The presentation itself went fairly smoothly. We had some discussions on the topic of sending money over email (some people weren't aware only some banks can do it through a proprietary technology of Interac and it's not an international service), the question of who do you really buy domains from on Namecoin, etc.

I hope you enjoy the presentation slides and perhaps they inspire you to give a similar presentation yourself in the future ;).

If you'd like me to give a talk at your conference however big or small, let me know and we can figure out the details.

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